Critical Missions Swat

Critical Missions Swat

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  • Fps fans, the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Highly addictive multiplayer critical missions swat is overall just plain amazing. Critical missions swat delivers the nostalgic fast paced fps gaming experience on your android devices. Enjoy the smooth and customizable touch controls and play the cross-platform first-person shooter against other players on the web and on other mobile platforms. Whats new? new controls new user ınterface new characters and guns Crıtıcal mıssıons swat key features cross-platform 3d first-person shooter mmo beat pc/mac players and players from other mobile platforms multiplayer mode local network and servers globally (usa, europe and asia) single player mode player vs. Customizable bots (terrorists, zombies) smooth and responsive customizable touch controls six game types classic, team death match (dtm), zombie mode, zombie match, survival, death match, juggernaut and capture the flag (ctf) customizable settings player hp, player speed, zombie difficulty, ect. dozens of pre-installed and downloadable unique maps

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